About AST

All States Training (AST) began in 1995 when Barry Wadsworth, identified a significant need in the market for high quality training relating to the safe operation of large and small construction machinery and equipment, through to workplace health and safety standards.

Having spent most of his working career using such equipment and machinery, Barry felt it was the right time to take that first step toward the building of a new business, and began delivering courses to meet industry standards in those fields.

In 2005 De’Anne was brought on board to help the company move to its next step in the ladder of success, this included becoming an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) this means being able to conduct Nationally recognised training courses and issuing certificates for those courses.

The company may have started out as a “One man band” but over the last 26 years the company has grown to the extent that we now need the Orchestra to make it run smoothly and efficiently. All States Training has grown to be the proudly owned and operated Australian family business that individuals and companies have learnt to love and trust for both our great service delivery and the down to earth approach we have – making it easy for businesses to meet Workplace Health and Safety standards without the usual fuss and bother some workplaces have found it to be.

Now that we are a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO), AST have the ability to deliver nationally recognised training certifications and we are continuing to increase our scope in line with client’s needs, to include a full training package for varied industries that require machine or equipment operation certificates, through to blue cards, first aid, wire spotting and any other course that may need to be designed to meet workplace health and safety standards.

Listed below are the important people that help make us unique in what we do:

Barry Wadsworth – Trainer & Assessor 

Barry, commonly known to most people as ‘Wadsy’, with the dream that he would be able to combine his passion for travelling with his years of experience and qualifications gained across varied industries (including construction, sugar cane, earthmoving, real estate and rural just to name a few) into a successful training business.
Famous for his reputation as a fair and just trainer, students often comment on how they prefer Barry’s style of delivery and approachable down to earth manner and especially how he can tell a story or two to help facilitate learning.


De’Anne Stegert – CEO & Trainer and Assessor 

With the development of the RTO, Barry was able to source some family talent from his daughter De’Anne, who has now been with All States Training since 2005.
De’Anne has spent most of her working career in the Fast Food Industry, including ten years as Restaurant General Manager for the KFC food chain. 

De’Anne brings with her a significant amount of experience in management, leadership, book-keeping, HRM, administration and training, (having trained a wide variety of age groups and cultures over many years). 

With at least 10 years experience within the Construction & Rural industries, De’Anne has become a great contact for clients who are often in need of assistance when trying to select courses to suit their needs. 

Having now completed further training related to the various industries that All States Training target, De’Anne has become a vital member helping take the company to the next level. 

Gavin Stegert – Lead Trainer & Assessor 

Gavin has been a Trainer and Assessor with All States Training for approx. 5 years, initially coming on board as our Operations Manager to help out with the everyday operations of our Trainers and Assessor’s. Gavin is now out in the field, conducting various courses for construction, agriculture, electrical and many other industry short courses.

Gavin has a vast amount of experience in various roles, working with companies such as Ergon & Energex as a Pole Inspector and Savco for Vegetation Management just to name a few.

Administration Team

Sarah, Krys, Harley
(left to right)

Training companies in our network…

  • Kevin Friske – Achieve Safety Training and Consulting (QLD area)
  • Charmaine Van Der Heever – Access Training Academy (WA area)
  • Brian Ferris – Brian Ferris Machinery Training & Assessing (QLD area)
  • Brian Paul – Best Practice Safety and Training (QLD area)
  • Ross Ballard – Ballard Safety and Training (QLD area)
  • Thomas Gollan – Big Rig Training Academy (VIC area)
  • Garry Matthias – Safe One Training (QLD area)
  • Paul Scott – Civil Crew (VIC area)
  • Matilda Chapman – Champ Group Pty Ltd (QLD area)
  • Dan Robinson – Dan Robbo Safety & Training Services (QLD area)
  • Sue Moir – Elite Beauty Services (TAS area)
  • Livio Fanti – Forward Training Services (QLD area)
  • Terry Walz – Fraser Coast Training (QLD area)
  • John Neal – Fraser Coast Truck & Machinery Training (Fraser Coast area)
  • Graeme Trail (NT area)
  • Holly Wallis – HEW Compliance & Training (QLD area)
  • Telaina Earle – Hi-Vis Safety Training (VIC area)
  • Mark Norris – Impact Firearms Training (QLD area)
  • Timothy Kingston – Infinity Ag Solutions (QLD area)
  • John Wright – John Wright Safety & Training (SA area)
  • Mark Molachino – Lexmar Services (QLD area)
  • Jodie Burwood – Lash Sublime (WA area)
  • Marie Tsangaris – M T Head (QLD area)
  • Mark Turner – Mark Consulting and Training (SA area)
  • Gregory Bax – Mining & Construction Training (QLD area)
  • Louise Tout – Narrabri & North West Training (NSW area)
  • Lesley Williams – Pink Diva Nail Supply (NSW area)
  • Patrick Hennessy – PBH Group (QLD area)
  • Lou Power – Power Learning (QLD area)
  • Rhiannon Collingwood – Powder & Polish Education (QLD area)
  • Annie Alexander – Queensland Regional Training (QLD area)
  • Neville Spinks – Reliable Training (VIC area)
  • Andrew Sheahen – Sheahen Contracting (TAS area)
  • Leigh Robins – Sunshine Sugar 
  • Chad Argent – Toowoomba Safety Training (QLD area)
  • Jarard Colley – Train Wise Solutions (QLD area)
  • Barry Davis – Thrive Training & Compliance 
  • Vince Carige – V.E.T Centre (QLD area)

If you are a Trainer & Assessor who needs a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and wish to be aligned with All States Training, please contact De’Anne on 07 4123 0415 or deanne@centralsafetytraining.com.