AHCPMG311 Use firearms for pest control activities from aircraft

AHCPMG311 Use firearms for pest control activities from aircraft

Course Overview

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to conduct pest control activities from the air using firearms. This unit applies to individuals who work under broad direction and take responsibility for their own work. They use discretion and judgement in the selection and use of available resources.

 All work must be carried out to comply with the relevant statutory requirements. Workers operating in this field are required to hold a first aid certificate. Other licensing conditions may also apply to this unit. Specific determination should be sought through the relevant State or Territory. Firearms licensing conditions apply to this unit. Specific determination should be sought through the relevant State or Territory agency. Appropriate firearms licences are also required for those involved in training and assessment against this unit. Approval to carry and discharge firearms from aircraft must be gained from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The holder of an Air Operator's Certificate is responsible for gaining this approval and personnel involved must ensure such an approval is issued and comply with any conditions specified in the approval documentation.

In addition to legal responsibilities, all units of competency dealing with animals in the AHC Training Package have the requirements for animals to be handled humanely to minimise stress and discomfort.

Available Units of Competency

  • AHCPMG311 - Use firearms for pest control activities from aircraft

Entry Requirements

  • Possess a Current Weapons (Firearms) License from your State/Territory (Min Cat B)

  • Have a Current (within 6 months)10618NAT Weapons (Firearms) Safety Course for Category C/D

  • Have a thorough understanding of animal control and wildlife welfare responsibilities

  • Have a thorough understanding and demonstrated application of Safe responsible firearms ownership

  • Have a current Driver’s License

  • No previous violations or orders that would preclude participation as an unfit person as specified in the relevant State/Territory Weapons Act and Regulations.

  • Be familiar with and demonstrate field application of Risk Management and mitigation strategies

  • Undertake a criminal background check prior to enrolment

  • Have a current Aviation Reference Number and Approval from CASA.

  • Have SOA award for AHCPMG304 use firearms to humanely destroy animals or industry equivalence

  • Demonstrate at least two years in the field professional shooting experience with testimonials from employers/contractors

  • Current First Aid Certificate

Preferred pathways for candidates entering this qualification include experience in coordinating of ground animal pest activities.

Note: This qualification or specific units of competency may satisfy some requirements for State/Territory licensing. Participants seeking certification & licensing should check the requirements with appropriate authorities.

Delivery Options

Face to face, workplace assisted and remote delivery support strategies available.

Learning Outcomes

  • Undertake Pre-Flight Procedures with Pilot
  • Conduct activities from aircraft
  • Complete work
  • Plan and prepare for the shoot with Stakeholders and Pilot
  • Read maps, plans and terrain details in consultation with Pilot and Stakeholders on strategy
  • Select appropriate firearms, ammunition and resources for task
  • Prepare, use, maintain & store firearms per applicable state/territory legislation
  • Embark/Disembark from Aircraft per SOP’s
  • Always undertake effective communication with Pilot
  • Undertake humane shooting activates from aircraft under strict controls and approval
  • Assess animal species, physical features, habitat and habitual movements
  • Shoot animals in an ethical, humane manner and refer to relevant codes of practice
  • Ensure safety in the field whilst undertaking shooting activities including other members of the public
  • Clear Safe and store firearms in aircraft per SOP’s
  • Dispose of carcasses in ethical way relevant to state/territory requirements 

Career Opportunities

Primary producer / Research officer / National Parks & Wildlife Officers / Professional shooter/culler / Aerial Culling Operators / Conservation & Environment Officers

Assessment Process

This Course is offered as a workshop delivery and field assessment activity conducted over 2 days (depending on student current knowledge, industry experience current competency). All participants are required to attend the course interactive presentation and complete the theory assessments PRIOR to undertaking initial simulated field practical assessment and final field practical assessments covering the key element requirements of the unit of competency and demonstrate a thorough understanding and application of these skills.

Course Fees

Specific course pricing is subject to delivery location, travel, required resources for the delivery & assessment of competency against course requirements and your individual training needs.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

In order to receive a certificate for any accredited course, all students must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). We recommend that you create your USI before you book your course. You will need your USI to enrol. Create one or find out more at www.usi.gov.au



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AHCPMG311 Use firearms for pest control activities from aircraft