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RIIMPO312E Conduct Scraper Operations

RIIMPO312E Conduct Scraper Operations


Course Duration

The duration will vary depending on your background and experience. There is a logbook that must be completed with on-the-job training, they have 7 tasks listed in the front of the logbook that must be completed a certain number of times each, the amount of times will vary depending on your level of experience. Assessment cannot be conducted until these tasks have been completed and the assessment may take from 4 to 8 hours to complete.


Suitable For

This course is suitable for those who wish to operate a grader within the Resources, Construction and Infrastructure industries.



Yes - participants may be required to undergo a competency test


Qualification Outcome

Successful students receive a Statement of Attainment which is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

National units of competency:

  • RIIMPO312E Conduct Civil Construction Scraper Operations


Licensing Regulation

Load shifting (other than Forklift) equipment no longer are required to have a licence however an operator must still be deemed competent. Statement of Attainment received from completing this course is suitable.


What is a Scraper?

A scraper is a piece of heavy equipment used for earthmoving. There are two main types of scrapers - elevated scrapers and open bowl scrapers.

Elevated Scrapers

Elevated scrapers are self-propelled, articulated wheeled vehicles. They have a prime mover for control and sliding floor bowl. The bowl has an elevator shaft which helps to load and unload the scraper. On most scrapers the elevator is hydraulically driven but some models have a separate power source.

Open Bowl Scrapers

Open bowl scrapers are self-propelled, articulated wheeled vehicles. They have a prime mover for power and control and a sliding floor bowl.

Standard open bowl scrapers require the assistance of a push dozer or a tandem motor (one engine drives the front wheels, while the other drives the rear wheels) to give additional power for the scraper operations. On dual powered scrapers the tractor engine should be started first.

Standard open bowl scrapers are regularly used in a 'push-pull' arrangement. This is where two or more scrapers are attached together to provide additional power. Operators may need to be familiar with tasks such as coupling, disengaging ad operating in conjunction with another unit.

Some open bowl scrapers are fitted with an auger attachment in the bowl to provide self-loading capability.


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Unit Sector

  • Coal mining
  • Extractive
  • Metalliferous mining


Elements of this Course

Plan and prepare for scraper operations

  • Access, interpret and apply scraper operations documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements
  • Identify and address risks, hazards and environmental issues and implement control measures
  • Select and wear personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities
  • Access, interpret and apply geological and survey data required to complete the allocated job
  • Inspect and prepare work area in coordination with others
  • Select, and check for faults, equipment and/or attachments for work activities
  • Obtain and interpret emergency procedures, and be prepared for fire/accident/emergency

Operate scraper

  • Carry out pre-start, start-up, park-up and shutdown procedures
  • Coordinate activities with others at the site prior to commencement of, and during, the work activity
  • Drive and operate scraper, and modify the operating technique to meet changing work conditions
  • Conduct, control and monitor operations within the equipment limitations
  • Act on or report monitoring systems and alarms
  • Continually monitor hazards and risks, and ensure safety of self, other personnel, plant and equipment

Load, haul and dump materials

  • Efficiently load scraper bowl with material
  • Carry out haulage operations
  • Efficiently and effectively dump material
  • Complete the work plan, within the operating capacities of the equipment

Carry out operator maintenance

  • Prepare machine for maintenance
  • Return machine to service
  • Conduct inspection and fault finding
  • Carry out scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Process written maintenance records

Conduct housekeeping activities

  • Clear work area and dispose of or recycle materials
  • Process records

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RIIMPO312E Conduct Scraper Operations